Friday, May 25, 2018

Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) in the Garden

I've been an absent blogger, focusing more on photography (and my class's blog) than here.  But this series includes the garden, though a blurry one.  I experimented with "Intentional Camera Movement," as it's known.   Do these just make you dizzy or is there something else there?  

The direction of the pan, seems to affect my level of wooziness.  Going up or down is better than moving a long a horizontal plane. 

Some of them look a little painterly, no? 

This one makes me a bit dizzy.  I was panning from side to side.

It's interesting to see what textures come through, like the yew needles (the new foliage is very yellow, one of its features). 

And at rest, the 'Red Sentinel' Japanese maples, Baptisia, Amsonia, and Louisiana iris, with the yew just peeking through.  

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