Friday, January 1, 2016

Best of 2015: Photo Review

Les at A Tidewater Gardener  posted his best photographs of 2015 and invited others to do the same, so I'm taking him up on the suggestion.

Most of these photos didn't appear on this blog, because they didn't fit into any posting, or I never got around to doing the post.  So this is a good excuse to include anything I want.  Are they my favorite? Well they are today.  

These topiary pyramids at  Ladew Topiary Gardens north of Baltimore were looking a little shaggy, but it's still an impressive view as you look back toward the house from the middle of the garden.  I visited in October.

The bright red seeds of Magnolia virginiana bursting forth from the seed pod in my garden this fall.  I wish the lasted longer.  

You can't beat the broad Outer Beach of the Cape Cod National Seashore's Atlantic coast.  And this morning in September, as I walked along Ballston Beach in Truro, there was nary a soul.  

Next are some abstract images from the same walk along the beach on the Cape.

This Artemesia and grass were growing out of the steep cliffs that border the back of the beach. 

Fall blooming crocus in my garden.  I need to plant more. 

And some pictures from a trip I took with my sister to the Netherlands and Belgium at the end of April into early May.  I liked the mix of architecture in this spot along the canal in Bruges, though the image is a bit washed out.  The glass doors are very elegant.  

Tulips for sale at the flower market in Amsterdam.  8 Euro, or about $8.60 US, for 50 tulips seems pretty good to me.  If only I could have taken them home.  I like how the vendor interspersed pots of boxwood among the squares of tulips -- it creates a kind of checkerboard.

This home in Delft had a lovely display of potted plants out front.  Note the variety of religious icons above the front door -- a menorah, christ figure and I think I see some sort of buddhist figure.  I also like the color scheme of the house.   

We had a nice view of a sweet garden behind the family-run hotel where we stayed in Bruges.  If you notice some graininess it's because I shot through the window screen.  A cherry tree and Fatsia were blooming; I can't remember what else.  

That's it.  Go check out Les's photographs; he's a good photographer.  Join in -- post your 10 best and leave on link on Les's blog.    Happy New Year!