Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wordless (almost) Wednesday: Fall at the US Botanic Garden

I've been an absent blogger, but I have been taking pictures for a class on Lightroom.  So here's a series taken during a 3 week span at the Washington, DC, US Botanic garden.  Yes, it's possible to be immersed in a wild and woodsy native-plant garden right below the Capitol building.  It is an unexpected pleasure.  
p.s. I realize some of my photos show non-natives.  There are other areas at USBG that don't feature native plants, but the "Regional" area within the National Garden is devoted to natives of the Mid-Atlantic region.  It's 10 years old this year! 


  1. Great photos. We visited the USBG this past spring. Much of it was blocked off because of an eagle nest, but we still enjoyed our visit - especially the Azaleas. I'd like to visit again in another season.

  2. Jason, I'm pretty sure you were at the US National Arboretum not the US Botanic Garden. USBG is literally in the shadow of the Capitol Building and quite a bit smaller as it's right in the city. USNA is more than 400 acres, though not all cultivated, has the famous azalea collection and is about 3 or 4 miles away to the east next to the Anacostia River. Both are worth visiting. BTW, the eagles are back! I was just at USNA and they are on view on a screen behind the front desk of the Visitor's Center, via a webcam that's mounted in the tree with their nest. They seem to be building up the nest getting ready to lay eggs in January. Pretty amazing how they return.