Friday, September 16, 2016

Bloom Day in the West End of Provincetown

The West End of Provincetown is the quieter, less commercial neighborhood compared to its East End counterpart, and it is closest to to the end of the spit of Cape Cod.  Here's a glimpse of what's blooming there this September along Commercial Street :

The weather has been dry and warm this summer on the Cape.  Good for the tourists, but not so good for the uncultivated vegetation.(The gypsy moths, for instance, have been particularly bad in the woods here because a fungus that usually kills some of them wasn't present due to the dry conditions.)
Many homes and guest houses in Provincetwon have irrigation, so lawns are green and gardens are looking good.

I thought this was an especially inventive use of Fuschia, making it look almost like a vine. Maybe there are some containers hidden up there among the plants.

Provincetown Harbor, seen above, reveals extensive mud flats at low tide.  It's fun to beach comb when the tide it out.

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Happy Fall!

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  1. Happy Fall.
    Though soon we have winter.
    Wonderful tour, and thank you.